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Under Armour’s vision is to inspire you with performance solutions you never knew you needed and can’t imagine living without.


Our long standing partnership with Under Armour has been incredible. Recently, their first of its kind Sport Mask program treated with our PROTX2®AV technology have been a global success. Their first masks sold out within an hour of launch and restocks are consistently selling out quickly. An expansion of colorways were added as well as an exclusive version for The Rock’s “Project Rock” masks. The popularity of their Sport Mask picked up media interest by companies such as Fast Company, CNN style and Vogue where they featured IFTNA and our COVID-19 destroying PROTX2®AV technology.

Under Armour’s world class gear continues to be a top choice for athletes and gym goers for its sweat wicking and anti-microbial (PROTX2®) characteristics keeping the user dry and fresh during and after their workout.


All photography and video are copyright protected. IFTNA does not own the copyrights to these images and videos.

They are only being used for the purposes of showcasing work on our portfolio. 

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