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Air Quality Enhancement Corporation (AQECO) is a Canadian company that has developed and is currently commercializing world-first technology of air quality enhancement products that can be integrated into many existing HVAC systems.


NoviFresh™ partnered with IFTNA to take their air quality enhancement products one step further, by treating their fabric filters, suitable for commercial and residential use, with our patent-pending proprietary PROTX2®AV technology that reduces pathogens including COVID-19, as documented in stringent laboratory studies. The technology used in NoviFresh™* products has been tested against various types of pathogens including MRSA, Staph, C-Dif, VRE, E Coli, Norovirus, H1N1 and Influenza A&B.


All photography and video are copyright protected. IFTNA does not own the copyrights to these images and videos.

They are only being used for the purposes of showcasing work on our portfolio. 

*NoviFresh™ technology was laboratory tested by independent microbial reduction efficacy testing conducted by Intertek U.S.A. Columbus CAE lab. Always follow the pandemic rules & regulations in your area of residence. NoviFresh™ is not a replacement for personal protective equipment.

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