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From scrubs to school uniforms, antimicrobial laundry additives, and a line of exceptional skin care products developed with nurses, Careismatic makes and manufactures innovative solutions that are sold through an extensive network of retail partners across the globe.

We create products for people who care for and serve others, and we strive to create mutually beneficial partnerships for all.


We have been working with Careismatic Brands on several of their private in-house brands including Cherokee and Dickies providing our PROTX2®, PROTX2®AV, and RepelTX on scrubs, lab coats, gowns and masks. Careismatic Brands has allowed IFTNA to be a large part of the healthcare industry with continued expansion imminent in the future.


All photography and video are copyright protected. IFTNA does not own the copyrights to these images and videos.

They are only being used for the purposes of showcasing work on our portfolio. 

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