In 2008, Intelligent Fabric Technologies (North America) Inc. began developing a wide range of products focused on the improved safety and well being of the wearer and user of fabrics across a wide range of market segments including health care, sports and athletic wear, military, hospitality, house and home, fashion and corporate apparel amongst other market categories.

Functional Textile Technologies

The spontaneous technological developments in textile and apparel industry plus the increasing customer expectations aids in driving the global functional textile market.


Become a license partner with IFTNA. Establish a long-term productive relationships that benefits and satisfies the growing need for your consumers.

Product Development

By developing products that answer the needs and wants of the consumer, IFTNA designers and developers help build value for your project. 

Testing & Lab Services

We regulate in our global R&D center application technology and analyze the effectiveness of treated articles according to internationally recognized industry standards prior to implementation to your supply chain.  Once ready for development & production all test reports are provided through 3rd party testing services at Intertek.

Private Label

Like what you see, but are interested in a more customized program? At IFTNA we understand the value in offering our clients specialized assortments under their trademarked names.

Tech Support

Have any questions about technologies or how they're used? Need help during the process? We have the experience and the answers to support you from the conception to completion of your product.


With our extensive experience in manufacturing performance and core garments, IFTNA provides our customers with top quality fabrics and workmanship all with class leading functional technologies. 


There are innovators and imitators... We choose to innovate! We provide top quality fabric and workmanship paired with class leading technologies.


Influenced by cultural and social attitudes, paired with functionality we combine materials to work with and a wide range of technologies, applications, colors, patterns and styles. 


We put the development and formulation of any product through rigorous testing and wear involvement. 

Testing takes place multiple times

through various stages of completion

In order to guarantee the quality of our products, we have implemented various

utility management systems that ensure stable product quality 

Each phase of development goes

through a detailed checklist to

guarantee our quality assurance

Presentations are done at the completion of each phase to ensure nothing has been missed



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